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Kitchen Essentials

The last thing you need are commercial cooking utensils that fail during your busiest times. From tongs and serving spoons to measuring cups and Spoodles®, we offer a wide variety of the most durable and reliable kitchen utensils on the market.

Vollrath color coded cutting boards

Cutting Boards

Preventing cross contamination in kitchens is simplified by having the right equipment including color-coded cutting boards to ensure compliance with the USDA Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) program. Keep them all separate and organized with a convenient space-saving rack.

Vollrath Cutting Boards Product Families

Vollrath food dishers


Dishers allow you to create neat, consistent and accurate portions to minimize food waste and maximize profits.

Vollrath Dishers Product Families

Food Storage

Food Storage

Neat, durable, practical and convenient — our food storage products keep your food sanitary, fresh and organized.

Vollrath Food Storage Product Families

Vollrath ice cream scoops and spades

Ice Cream Scoops & Spades

Ice cream is such a fun, whimsical treat, so we designed our ice cream scoops to dish it up with ease and efficiency. They provide comfortable grips, various sizes and functions and even an award-winning design.

Vollrath Ice Cream Scoops & Spades Product Families

Vollrath color coded ladels


From cooking to serving, a wide range of ladles in various sizes, materials and designs, makes your work in the kitchen efficient, safe and proficient.

Vollrath Ladles Product Families

Vollrath measuring cups and spoons

Measuring Tools

When it comes to professional cooking and baking, we think our tools really measure up. They are thoughtfully designed and crafted of high-quality materials to offer durable use and easy cleanup.

Vollrath Measuring Tools Product Families

Vollrath kitchen tools

Miscellaneous Tools

A well-equipped kitchen is made complete with all the tools that make your foodservice operation function smoothly and efficiently. Explore a wide range of practical products that enhance any commercial kitchen or catering business.

Vollrath Miscellaneous Tools Product Families

Vollrath mixing bowls

Mixing bowls

Bowls that are well-balanced, but not too weighty. Lightweight bowls with an edge that’s easy to hold in one hand while stirring. Stackable, space-saving bowls and surfaces that are easy to clean. We have all the bowls you need for all your prepping and cooking tasks.

Vollrath Mixing bowls Product Families

Vollrath pizza utensils

Pizza Utensils & Accessories

From making dough to prepping toppings to baking and serving the perfect pie, your pizza-making process goes a whole lot smoother when you have all the right tools, products and supplies.

Vollrath Pizza Utensils & Accessories Product Families

Vollrath stainless steel skimmer


These functional skimmers efficiently skim herbs from your sauces, soups and stews and remove items from fryers, steamers and stockpots. Choose from assorted styles and sizes that are just right for your foodservice operation.

Vollrath Skimmers Product Families

Vollrath spatulas and softspoons

Spatulas, Softspoons & Whips

This selection of spatulas, SoftSpoon™ utensils and whips has lots of details you might not notice right away, but you’ll appreciate as you cook and bake with them. Comfortable handles, sanitary seals that eliminate food traps and strong materials that will endure years of use.

Vollrath Spatulas, Softspoons & Whips Product Families

Specialty utensil

Specialty utensil

Sometimes you never know how much you need a tool until you use it. That’s the way with this selection of specialty utensils, all designed with professional chefs in mind and constructed for durable, easy use.

Vollrath Specialty utensil Product Families

Vollrath portion control spoodles

Spoodle Utensils

This unique combination of serving spoon and ladle, called a Spoodle, allows you to efficiently scoop and serve just the right amount of food. This selection of utensils includes a variety of handle and bowl styles to meet all your serving needs.

Vollrath Spoodle Utensils Product Families

Vollrath serving spoons


Our spoons have been thoughtfully designed and beautifully constructed because we believe that even the most basic tools deserve the chance to stand out.

Vollrath Spoons Product Families

Vollrath condiment dispenser bottles

Squeeze Dispensers

These kitchen essentials keep all your condiments, toppings, dressing and batters neatly organized, clean and properly and easily dispensed. They are handy in the kitchen, on dining tables, salad bars and breakfast stations and at the deli or café counter.

Vollrath Squeeze Dispensers Product Families

Vollrath sieve and strainer

Strainers, colanders and funnels

Strainers, colanders and funnels are the must-have tools that make your work easier. This well-designed selection helps recipes come together with ease and proficiency with quick, easy cleanup.

Vollrath Strainers, colanders and funnels Product Families

Vollrath tongs


A truly indispensable kitchen tool, tongs are ideal for a multitude of tasks. Keep your kitchen well-stocked with a wide range of styles, materials and features.

Vollrath Tongs Product Families

Vollrath stainless steel turners


We’ve got turners for turning delicate eggs, grilling up juicy burgers and chicken breast, flipping pancakes and serving a wide assortment of foods in every style and type you need.

Vollrath Turners Product Families