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Serving Systems & Components

Aspire to Inspire with Custom Serving Systems

At Vollrath, we understand that each decision you make—from how you’ll brand your equipment to which countertop color you prefer—is important. That’s why we begin by listening to your goals, your budget, and your preferences. Our ability to collaborate closely and openly with our customers is just one of the things that sets us apart. A second differentiator is the unmatched quality of our product. With Vollrath’s custom-designed, cost-effective equipment, you can provide your customers with a professional and unique culinary experience in any location and at a price point that’s right for you. Vollrath offers a variety of serving systems to meet any of your catering equipment needs, from our 6-Series to our more basic 2-Series. From coffee carts and food stations to serving lines, create your custom solution today.

Custom food serving system

6-Series Front of House

Formerly Known As V-Class Custom

The best of the best in front-of-house serving systems, our 6-Series line is fully customizable with extensive material options, including wood, stainless steel, laminate, and more. With endless possibilities and top-quality construction, 6-Series systems are designed, engineered, and manufactured to meet your specific requirements.

Commercial kitchen equipment

6-Series Back of House

Custom Manufactured

Create your ideal back-of-house solution with our 6-Series custom serving systems and accessories. We offer made-to order prep stations, sink stations, work tables, and more with varying material and electrical specifications.

Buffet food serving system with four hotel pans

4-Series Front of House

Formerly Known As Signature Server

Our 4-Series modular designs offer many combinations of material, equipment, and accessories without requiring the longer lead time of a fully customizable option. For this reason, the 4-Series is a great option for businesses looking to add a unique touch at a more affordable price point.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

4-Series Back of House

Assorted Customizable Options

Our 4-series back-of-house worktables bring durability to the commercial kitchen. You can choose from multiple pre-designed configurations with a handful of customizable features, such as shelving or enclosed cabinets, for the ideal back-of-house setup.

Buffet food serving system

2-Series Front of House

Formerly Known As Affordable Portable

The 2-Series system is designed for the budget-conscious organization. What is lacking in customization is made up for in functionality—with the 2-Series you can choose with confidence that your hot, cold, or utility station will deliver.

Self serve buffet system

2-Series Back of House

Formerly Known As ServeWell

Our 2-Series Serving Systems optimize your back-of-house food preparation. Choose from hot and cold food tables. Available in multiple configurations.

Two people putting food into Vollrath delivery bags

Delivery Centers

Innovation, Delivered

Bring order and efficiency to your food delivery operation with Vollrath delivery work centers. These innovative workspaces can be customized to your specific needs with adjustable shelving and a range of storage options, providing a proficient back of the house workspace that keeps your delivery business running smoothly and your customers happy.