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SerVue™ Cold Touchless Refrigerated Slide-In

SerVue™: The Future of Food Bars

Are you looking for a new and engaging way to serve your customers? Or maybe you’re hoping to streamline your serving process, without sacrificing quality or freshness? With a SerVue™ touchless refrigerated slide-in from Vollrath, you can do all that and more.

This innovative unit brings theater to the foodservice space and gives your customers a front-row seat to all the action in a way that is interactive, safe, and accurate.

Built-in sensors detect the presence of a bowl and dispenses ingredients with flourish, delivering the fresh, wholesome meal your customers crave.

No delays, no mysterious ingredients. Just delicious, healthy food, served quickly and beautifully, right in front of their eyes.

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SerVue maintains all the benefits that come with the self-serve nature of typical drop-ins, while getting rid of many of the pain points.

Touchless proximity sensors that dispense pre-determined portions eliminate the need for purchasing serving utensils and increase the speed of service, while allowing you to determine portion sizes, which saves you money.

Customers won’t have to navigate a breath guard or extend their reach to get to the ingredients in the back of the unit.


The high-capacity cannisters are kept in a reliable refrigerated chamber that maintains safe temperatures, even outside of service hours, and protects food from airborne contaminants. This minimizes food waste by keeping food fresher for longer and reduces the labor that comes from moving ingredients back into the cooler at shift’s end.

Since the ingredients are self-contained, you won’t find stray shredded cheese in your lettuce or the black olives hanging out with the diced ham. This minimizes the cross-contamination and spill risks that are inherent in a traditional open food bar and reduces the upkeep that is required, adding even more labor savings.

Customers are still able to make their own selections but in a much more hygienic and efficient way.


Smart sensors at the bottom of each canister detect the presence of a container and dispense ingredients accordingly.

This functionality can be adjusted to provide the precise amount of each ingredient, allowing you to control portions and food costs.

This dispensing method eliminates the need for serving utensils, meaning additional cleanliness and less work for your dishwasher at the end of the night, saving on labor costs.

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