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Chef Angus

Meet Chef Angus An

Chef An took a traditional route to being a chef. He began by attending a top culinary school, working for leading chefs, and traveling Europe to hone his skills. With a solid background in everything from French sauces to whole-animal aging and butchering, he then immersed himself in his true love: Thai cuisine.

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Vollrath fry pans are an essential tool in my restaurant. They offer great heat transfer that allows us to sear fish and meat evenly, but most importantly without ever sticking to the pan. The ones we use have lasted years and are in great shape.”

Carolina Diaz, Culinary Director at the Art Institute of Chicago

Chef Carolina Diaz Culinary Director - The Art Institute of Chicago

Liquidated Products for Sale

Stock up on essentials and take advantage of incredible discounts on select liquidated products across all categories. Offers include markdowns of up to 95% off list prices on brand new Vollrath products - everything from tongs and whips to drop-ins and display cases.

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