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Food Delivery & Transport

Not every meal happens in-house. That’s why we put some serious work into our insulated food delivery bags, so the magic you make in the kitchen can maintain its flavor, integrity, and quality when you drive it across town.

Vollrath food delivery backpacks

Backpack Bags

Want to do less lifting on a long day of deliveries? Meet the thermal delivery bag you can wear.

Vollrath Backpack Bags Product Families

Vollrath catering bags

Catering Bags

Durable, waterproof, easy to clean, and with a choice of vinyl or removable liner.

Vollrath Catering Bags Product Families

Vollrath EPP food carrier

EPP Carriers

More box than bag, this environmentally friendly hot food delivery carrier is lightweight, durable, 100% recyclable, and can carry food pans up to 6” deep!

Vollrath EPP Carriers Product Families

Vollrath pizza bags

Pizza Bags

Our insulated pizza bags are designed with some simple math in mind: high- performance insulation + condensation-reducing liner = a higher-quality pie, every time.

Vollrath Pizza Bags Product Families

Vollrath food delivery tower bags

Tower Bags

Big orders call for big delivery solutions. Transport a feast fit for a queen with our high-performance insulated tower bags.

Vollrath Tower Bags Product Families

Transport Dolly

Transport Dolly

Whether you need to transport deliveries up a steep incline or down a metropolitan street and up to the 111th floor, our line of flatbed utility dollies offers an easier and safer solution for transporting EPP carriers, pizza dough boxes, delivery bags and more, nearly anywhere!

Vollrath Transport Dolly Product Families