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Food Delivery and Transport

Delivery Bags

Food delivery is more popular than ever, and customers expect chefs and restaurant owners to deliver restaurant-quality experiences in their own homes. This means delivering food in the same condition in which it left the restaurant. Vollrath’s food delivery bags and accessories promise consistent food quality at time of delivery. Constructed with high-performance thermal insulation that maintains food temperature and quality, a moisture-resistant outer shell, reinforced stitching for maximum durability, comfort straps, and added features like heat pads and battery packs, Vollrath is the best solution for food delivery bags that go the extra mile.

Bags That Go the Extra Mile

Chefs are tireless in their pursuit of culinary greatness, sacrificing no ingredient and doing almost anything to win over the hearts and mouths of their customers. And just as they’re dedicated to getting it right, Vollrath is dedicated to getting it there with delivery bags that go the extra mile — or 50. From breakthrough ideas in insulation to an uncompromising dedication to making menu items memorable, when you choose Vollrath, you choose the best delivery bags around.

1-Series Delivery Bags

Our 1-Series delivery bags provide quality insulation at a great price. These are so much more than the run-of-the-mill vinyl delivery bags you’ll find in the market. The durable construction is built to withstand extensive use, while the carrying straps ensure stability while loading and transporting. Great for short trips or for transporting food and beverages from one location to another.

3-Series Delivery Bags

These bags feature superior insulation for better temperature retention and heavy-duty carrying straps that make transport safe and easy. Now that is a recipe for success. 3-Series delivery bags are ideal for instances when delivery range needs to be extended slightly or when the weather turns cold.

5-Series Delivery Bags

Our 5-Series delivery bags feature the ultimate in heating technology. Each bag comes standard with a heat pad and a power pack to help maintain temperature on the go. The power pack can even be powered by a standard car outlet. Dial-in your preferred bag temperature and rest assured that your food will remain piping hot for hours. These bags are great for extended delivery routes and offsite events.

Food Delivery and Transport Products

Pizza Delivery Bags

Constructed with high-performance thermal insulation and a moisture absorbent liner to keep pizza hot and condensation-free.

Catering Bags

High-performance thermal insulation maintains food temperature and quality while on the go. Choose from two liner styles.

Tower Bags

Designed for medium-to-large orders, an optional wire frame insert offers easy organization and stability.

Backpack Bags

Made for maximum comfort and durability while biking or scootering, a moisture-resistant shell protects food from the elements.

EPP Carriers

Ideal for carrying full-size food pans, these recyclable carriers are constructed with a lightweight yet durable material.

Transport Dolly

Hauling large loads of food and beverages can be a pain. But our line of flatbed transport dollies is here to fix that.


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